🌾 spring awakening mashup (+ show clips !) 🌱

hello, how r u ? im sending all my love and warmth to u all and hoping you’re safe at the moment – have a medley and some rehearsal/show clips from the st andrews uni production of Spring Awakening that we closed like a week ago ! i played Anna, this cast was golden and i miss doing the show very much mwah mwah mwah. hopefully self-isolation means I can Create more Content for u too so feel free to make suggestions 2 aid my barren creative mind .

gonna start featuring ur pets at the end of videos too because i did a lil call for pet photos on twitter and they’re all so GOOD wow 🐈

featured in this video is my toad Imelda she’s a superstar please send her love in the comments for she shall eat it Up darlings

anyway yes thank u very much for viewing, ur time is eternally appreciated .. who is ur favourite spring awakening character ? i kinda love Georg he just wants those apples to fall yknow

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(‘whispering’ was in quarantine and could not appear in this video pls send thoughts and prayers x)