• It would be cool if she'd play Glinda. It would be cool Lea Michelle as Elphaba and Ariana as Glinda.

  • llDonEdwardReyesll

    Ariana Has Been In A Broadway Musical

  • Wicked dream cast

    Glinda-Ariana Grande
    Elphaba-Liz Gillies
    Nessarose-Allie Trim
    Fieyro-Graham Phillips
    Boq-Eric Nelson

    13 the musical reunion lol

  • Guys she's not go all out on the singing, it's a chill radio interview lol

  • I lovw her but Ariana as theatre actress…yikes

  • She has a musical theater/broadway voice, but she chooses to make it soft and "pop." I wish she's just sing it.

  • better than your fave.

  • If she so much as step one foot in that building, I will boycott this movie

  • @Andwea Wussett
    So we should accept bad pronunciation, because she wants to maintain her voice? There are enough professional singers out there who don't "mumble" and are able to sing for decades, because they take good care of their voices. Aside of it voices change with age no matter what you do…

    Of course it is sometimes better to sing e.g. different vowels in order to prevend voice cracking and pain but Ariana does it too often and so obvious that it is NOT a beautiful way to sing. She may have a good voice, but there are other (and better) ways to take care of your voice. If she wants to be a famous and respected singer she has to stop her so called "mumbling".

  • She's good but her voice is way to pop like to play Glinda like it doesn't suit xxx

  • No no no she should NEVER be in a musical. Her voice is too soft and not powerful enough at all. Broadway and Westend require power and passion and she doesn't have either. If anyone here actually is a musical theatre geek, then you'd understand.

  • Any one who actually loves wicked knows how horrible this is.

  • I'm not trying to hate on ariana I just don't think she'd suit wicked that much. She is still an amazing singer though ngl x

  • Pause at 1:29

  • I wonder how it would be like if she plays as Elphaba. I think she do good.

  • The reason it sounds like she "mumbles" is because it's easier and you don't have to use as much force to sing high notes and it doesn't damage the voice. For example, in her song Tattooed Heart, when she sings "wrap me in your jacket" she sings "wrah meh ih yoh jaget" because her voice flows easier and it helps her maintain her voice for a longer time which prevents voice cracking and pain in the throat. She sings beautifully. A little research never hurt nobody.

  • her and mika did a song called popular song with the same rythem and stuff

  • Hannah K (Theatre_is_life)

    I don't get why everyone's hating… I think she'd make an okay Galinda.

  • Oh Gods. No. Ew. No. That was gross. She completely ruined that. Sorry not sorry Ariana fans, but she's honestly not that great a singer. And she butchered 'For Good'. Just. Ugh. Yuck. No.