La Traviata: Opera as an Acid Dream

La Traviata

Opera in previous years made an effort to attract new audiences by modernizing its productions. It was a hit-or-miss thing since the purist crowd would still prefer seeing their favorite opera productions in period costumes and settings. But what if some folks went the Euro look? Some folks at the Opera Talk Facebook Group went as far as calling it

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Otello: How Even The Mighty Fall to Rumors


Some composers like Giuseppe Verdi have instant material to work on once they turn to straight plays written by William Shakespeare. He may not have been the only composer to make an opera out of Shakespeare’s classic “Othello” but the bigger challenge is in trying to live up to such high expectations. Must be the marquee name that served as

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Caddie Woodlawn a Musical Drama

For those looking for new musicals here goes a new adventure! Book, Music, and Lyrics by Susan C. Hunter and Tom Shelton Based on the book by Carol Ryrie Brink “As cream rises to the top, so did Caddie Woodlawn… – Wisconsin News-Leader “Young audiences adore Caddie Woodlawn!” –Springfield News-Leader Carol Ryrie Brink’s Newbery Award-winning novel Caddie Woodlawn is brought

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Leading Female Role for Philip Barry’s The Animal Kingdom

Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective Category:Performer Description: Hunger and Thirst Theatre Collective ( is holding auditions for the role of Cecelia in Philip Barry’s The Animal Kingdom. Rehearsals are scheduled to begin on December 30 and will be held on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons based on actor availability. Performances run from January 29-February 15, 2015 at Theaterlab Inc. in

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Nebraska Shakespeare Season – NYC EPA

Nebraska Shakespeare Category:Performer Description: Nebraska Shakespeare | Omaha, NE Call Type Equity Principal Contract URTA $611/wk AEA min Personnel Expected to be at the audition: Artistic Director/Director of AS YOU LIKE IT: Vincent Carlson Brown Casting Director: Tom Rowan OTHELLO will be directed by John Hardy. • EPA Rules are in effect. • A monitor will be provided. Performers of

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Actresses Needed for Charleston, SC

34 West Theater Company Category:Performer Description: Casting two female leads for the bubbly USO-esque musical BOOGIE WOOGIE BUGLE GALS. Ages 20-30’s. All types. 34 West Theater specializes in original works for their intimate and cozy 60 seat theater in downtown historic Charleston, SC. 10 week run. Actors with existing lodging in the Charleston area a plus!   Job Start

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Farinelli: Glory Without Balls

Farinelli: Il Castrato

Early spoiler for everyone – when Farinelli (real name: Carlo Broschi) thanked God for having a friend like Benedict (his employer’s paraplegic son), the young boy replied “God has nothing to do with it”. Even young folks like him are aware of the pain and suffering that performers like Farinelli go through in the quest of preserving their beautiful voices.   Farinelli

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Nuts and Bolts, Opera Style

Several articles proliferate online regarding opera despite the misconception that it is dead. It is not and folks would still flock to opera houses to get their does of quality singing and acting. As much as some opera fans could be the most notorious fans ever of the performing arts, the fact that they stuck around to keep themselves updated

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Brace Yourselves: The Marco Polo Rerun is Coming

Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story

It seems like yesterday when I watched the premiere of the Filipino-penned musical “Marco Polo: An Untold Love Story”. A family friendly musical that reminded me of the music-laced films I have witnessed as a kid and gave birth to the “Disney-fication” of children’s entertainment. I mean that in a good way. Expectations are high and I am excited knowing

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