Beware Terrible view from normal price balcony seats Phantom of the Opera Her Majesty’s Theatre



We were in the veranda in row B. Have a look at the view. Tickets in the veranda seem to be a waste of money unless you can purchase row.A
Have actually previously bought Recreational Vehicle limited view tickets and they were worse. Maybe its stalls and pay the huge ticket prices? How have you got on at the show?


  • Nick millspaugh

    the best seats are in the royal circle we went to see the phantom of the
    opera and the views were perfect

  • That’s the reason why i spend the money for a seat in stalls (row B is
    perfect 😉 ). compared to the prices for musical productions in germany it
    is moderate (here in GER i pay about 145€ ~ 117£ per person for the best

  • Thats right around the area we sat when we saw it except the opposite side
    of the theater. We didn’t really have any issues.

  • Wow really? do they always sell them at Leicester square? I wanna get
    tickets for next months but the only ones left are crappy seat at a high

  • My wife and I were there yesterday. Stalls P14 and 15. £50-00 per ticket
    booked via a travel agent ! £7-50 pp return coach travel from Ipswich

  • I think if you have talk people in front of you you’re had it

  • I went yesterday and my seat was in the the stalls about 10 rows from the
    front and I had a lovely view of the whole stage…. I bought my tickets on
    the day at Leicester square and they only cost me £38.?? For a 2:30 show…
    I would never buy online 🙂

  • What was the view like from there ?