The challenging Wicked musical test

Which Wicked Character Are You? | Personality Quiz

Which Wicked Character Are You? | Personality Quiz

It seems like everyone is putting up Wicked quizes about who is this and what line comes next and so on. This is a quiz about some details that might be hard to spot when seeing the show.

This will show if you really know Wicked as well as you think you do.


Comment the answers and I will message you the correct ones 🙂
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Hier ein Quiz mit Fragen rund um das Musical “Wicked-Die Hexen von Oz”.
Teilweise hab ich zu den Antwortmöglichkeiten auch Bilder.
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  • legallyblondefanuk

    i see you got a lot of the questions from the wicked quiz at wicked day LOL

  • Well I dont know WICKED well! haha.

  • Nope, Monkey, Lion, Goat, Rat, Ox. That’s 5.

  • 9. 7-arrival-tan pants and red vest, DTL- red suit, pre INTG-blue and white
    striped suit minus jacket, train station scene-blue and white striped suit
    plus jacket, TG- captain of the guard uniform, ALAYM- uniform minus jacket,
    finale-scarecrow outfit 10. 5-NOMTW-with Melina, ASM- in the palace, after
    TG-palace, Wonderful-in the palace, pre-finale-in the palace

  • 1.5, elphaba, wizard(older), madame morrible, fiyero, nessarose 2.? 3.3,
    beginning w/ mom and wizard, popular w/ elphie and glinda, end w/ wiz and
    glinda 4.? 5.2, pink and white 6 midwife, dr. dillamond 7.5, nomtw,
    nessarose tinman scene, fiyero alaym and glinda to elphie 8? 9 6 red shirt
    and tan pants in dancing red suit in dancing long green jacket after
    popular in school green guard suit shirt and pants in alaym scarecrow-end
    10.4 beginning sentimental man wonderful end before finale

  • 6)midwife/dr dillamond/ train conductor 7) 4 = 1- melena(on the bed after
    giving birth), 1- boq(when he “wakes up” after being turned into the
    tinman), 1- fiyero(after as long as your mine when elphaba wants to be
    beautiful for him), 1- glinda (right before for good when elphaba gives her
    the grimmerie) 8)torch,spade, rake, skewer,rope

  • still continued question 8 – pitch fork, torch, rope, spear, sithe question
    9 – 5 outfit when he arrives at Shiz, Shiz uniform, Oz Guard uniform, As
    Long As Your Mine outfit, Scarecrow outfit question 10 – No One Mourns the
    Wicked, Sentimental Man, Wonderful, after For Good

  • 121dancinbeanaho

    numbers went wrong…. 6 is 4, 7 is 5, 8 is 6 7. 4 or 5 maybe, said by
    fiyero, boq, glinda, elphaba’s mum…. 8. rope, fork, torch, spade, stick
    9. 6, ( bed turner in nomtw, white trousers, boots and red waistcoat when
    arriving at shiz, red suit thing in the party, school uniform before intg,
    guard uniform green/gold jacket, scarecrow. 10. 5, (green suit nomtw, when
    elphaba and glinda first meet him, wonderful, offers glinda a drink, polt
    to kill nessa, finds out elphaba is his daughter.

  • right… 1. elphie, morrible, wizard (younger is different actor), possibly
    boq and nessa tho i’m pretty sure i saw caroline keiff onstage on saturday
    2. goat, lion, monkey, ox (? train conductor), rat/mouse (at ball),
    sheep/goat (midwife) 3. 2 bottles but 4 times – NOMTW, before popular,
    before INTG reprise, before finale 4. 8 5. 3 – white, pink, yellow 6.
    dillamond, midwife and i think train conductor

  • 9)6= mob costume(no one mourns the wicked), tight white pants white shirt
    with red vest(beginning of dancing through life), red suit(dancing through
    life party sequence), Shiz uniform(cub scene to before one short day),
    captian of the guard uniform (thank goodness, alaym[alaym is same minus the
    jacket] and catfight scene), scarecrow

  • 10. ur talking about the wizard and not hus playing him…im
    gonna go with the fact ur counting the young wizard appearences….so, it’s
    5 times….which are…wonderful right up to when elphie and fiyero run
    away+when he offers glinda ‘a swing of this’/sentimental man/the older
    wizard at the same time as young lovers reprise dance/the young lovers
    reprise dance/ and lastly the young wizard in nomtw in the beginning… are
    the right? and come home soooon =) xxxXXXxxx

  • hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaaaa!!! shut up u….i love u..but when u
    joke about them the ensemble like…gahhh…u know they are the best thing
    about the show 😛

  • gives up

  • dianadramaqueen

    These are the rest of my answers as I could’nt fit them before. 9.3 Oz
    outfit, Dancing through life outfit and scarecrow outfit. 10.4 OMG, THATS

  • 6. Dillamond, midwife, train conductor 7. Mother in NOMTW, Boq after WWOTE,
    Fiyero at the end of ALAYM, Elphaba to dillamond in wonderful (? again,
    that last one might have been made it) 8. pitchfork, rope, torch, ?, ? 9.
    During NOMTW = 1, DTL = 2, INTG/Lion Cub = 1, Capt. of Guards = 1,
    Engagement scene = 1(might be the same as guard costume?), swinging in = 1,
    scarecrow = 1 10. Not including the mothers lover, 3? 1= ‘I am Oz’, 1 =
    ‘Wonderful’, 1 = at the end when Glinda tells him to leave.

  • IlMutoPHANTOMfan2

    1. 5: Fiyero, Mme Morrible, Nessarose, Boq, Chistery 2. Monkeys,
    billy-goat, lion, rat, ox, antelope 3. two, the first in NOMTW, popular and
    the ending, the second in the scene after wonderful and the ending 4. nine
    5. two, in white and yellow (in this order) 6. Dr. Dillamonth, the ox at
    the trainstation and the midwife 7. five times,1. elphaba’s mother in
    NOMTW, elphaba at the first meeting with the wizard, fiyero at the ozdust
    ballroom, ….

  • lol. copying me 😛 much harder tho 1.god knows 2.monkey, lion, cub, goat 3.
    4, NOMTW, When the wizard offers galinda one and at the end when elphy dies
    both glinda and the wizard have one 4. 9 :S 5. 2, yellow & pink ( in that
    order) 6. dr dillamond and the midwife 7. 3 times, midwife in NOMTW, glinda
    in DG and dont no the other one 8. *checks program pic :P* rope, large
    fork, hammer, hook, spade/fork thing and corkscrew 9. 4 pure guess 10. 3,
    after OSD, during WONDERFUL and FINALE

  • Hmmm…nuh too hard 4 me 😛 Btw, is that Kerry Ellis singing?

  • snowpeachairten

    Ox = Train conductor. Rat = Waiter at the Ozdust and baggage handeler at
    train station.

  • 1. Elphie, Madame Morrible, Nessa. 2. Lion cub, Monkeys, Goat 3. 2 (no one
    mourns the wicked, popular, When chistery gives it to glinda and the final
    scene with the wizard. 4. 9 5. 3 – white-shiz, pink-dtl-popular,
    yellow-osd-dg. 6. dr dillamond 7. 2-nomtw-witches mother and kiamo
    ko-glinda 8. torch, spade, rake, skewer, rope 9. 5-DTL, ozdust, shiz,
    captain, scarecrow 10. 4-nomtw, a sentimental man, wonderful, just after
    for good.

  • question one is wrong…. the guy that plays fiyero is on stage, as he is
    part of the ensemble in NOMTW.

  • 1. 25. Elphaba Morrible Wizard 2. Monkey Goat Rat Lion Midwife ? Sheep? 3.
    4 NOMTW Popular before INTGR finale 4. 9? 5. 3 White, Pink, Yellow.

  • question 1 – 3 fiyero, wizard, elphaba question 2 – rat, ox, goat, monkey,
    lion question 3 – 3 the one the young wizard gives the mother in the
    beginning, the one elphaba has under her pillow during popular, the one the
    old wizard offered glinda in the 2nd act question 4 – 9 question 5 – 3
    white when she enters Shiz, pink during Dancing Through Life, yellow during
    One Short Day question 6 – dr. dillamond, the midwife, the train dude

  • we also see a lil green bottle in popular. i forgoh 😛

  • 9)5: DTL white trousers outfit, Ozdust ballroom suit, Shiz uniform,
    Captain’s uniform, Scarecrow outfit 10) 4: Seducing mother, First meets E&G
    (SM), Meets E again (W), Confronted by Glinda