don’t talk (put your head on my shoulder) // beach boys cover

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hello ! here’s a beach boys tune for u :0) in my opinion the best on pet sounds but this is very open to debate in the comments hehe
feel free to share something cool that’s happened for you this week, maybe we can share our happiness that way – for me, i’ve been working on so so much new music, v excited for you to hear :^)

I have no idea what that noise in the first second or so is … it was on the raw audio so maybe its a bird or something

oh yeah also … might start distancing from youtube slightly … had a bit of an odd relationship with here for a while (u know how it is, you want to make more of what makes more money, which isn’t necessarily what would creatively push and interest u most… alongside comparing urself / reducing ur output to numbers…scrutinising how u look and act etc ). I think I prefer making music off camera, as u don’t have to do it all in one take or look alright doing it or anything B^) anyway I’m gonna hang around here for a while . have a couple rlly exciting videos 2 bring u soon … hope you have a lovely week : ))