Is Beetlejuice Saved? | NEW UPDATE in the BEETLEJUICE BROADWAY Drama

Let’s discuss The Whole Being Dead Thing… AGAIN! Today, we’re explaining why Beetlejuice the musical *might* be saved!
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HI THEATRE FRIENDS! Today, we’ve got a potential update on the #Beetlejuice VS. Music Man controversy.

A few videos back, we explained why and how #BeetlejuiceTheMusical is suddenly closing on Broadway. BEETLEJUICE is currently one of the hottest tickets and Broadway and boasts a robust fan base– so how can the sudden hit be forced to close, or atleast for sure leave the Wintergarden theater? That’s at the crux of this controversy– BUT we’ve got an odd tweet, an article, and a quote from Alex Brightman himself. Could there be hope for the show about death? Let’s discuss….

Why Beetlejuice the Musical is CLOSING on Broadway


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