first-this is from the original wicked soundtrack and all rights are reserved to them, not me.

second- DO NOT bash other individuals opinion or your posts WILL CERTAINLY be erase. I hate needing to act like a control freak but I won’t have my videos being prohibited.

Finally, enjoy the music!
Video Score: 4/ 5


  • Delta Deltowski

    “Yes, I’m alone, but i’m alone and free” – Frozen

    “And, if I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free.” – Wicked

    Hmm… Not very orginal Disney….

  • Hannah the Ninja

    Did anyone else notice that both in Frozen and Wicked, Anna’s and Glinda’s
    real names are both Kristen?

  • This dominates “Let it go”

  • XXxSuperMarioLoganFanXxx [Also Levelfirelord789 Roblox Player]

    If only this was a disney movie, we would get new disney princesses and
    everything, I would like to see how disney would make this.

  • How dumb the comments are..really hit home on how..you all do not
    understand musicals..indina menzal.. Is one of the voices that were
    “boring”, she gave the world chills in the song “let it go”, she is a
    goddess of voice. And just flat out perfect even in her age..wicked was
    what really made her famous. Which Was a popular Broadway
    performance..which rarely plays now..i wish it would. Btw wicked is not an
    off shoot of wizard of oz..you ask any major fan of wicked and youll have a
    fight on your hands. Cause it is not..just saying know shit before you


  • im going to get yelled at for saying this… but i weridly like the
    miranda/colleen version better

  • I saw this play LIVE in the London Apollo Theatre, it was the most amazing
    experience I have ever had. I would literally sell my laptop if it meant a
    chance to go see it there again

  • Is this show shown in America?

  • neverlosepassion

    I just have to say, being in the original cast, I have never been so proud,
    humbled, and blessed to be in something like this in my entire life.
    Sometimes, when I am having a bad day, I’ll come and listen to this song,
    read the comments, and remember why I am still doing what I’m doing. So I
    just wanted to comment and say thank you to all of the amazing fans who
    still love this show. You all have no idea how much your love for the show
    impacts our lives. I just had dinner with some of the original cast for
    our Wicked Anniversary..reminiscing, laughing, crying..so many memories.
    Thank you so much. With love and all of mine xoxo.

  • This and ‘Let It Go’ are both equally amazing performances. Am I the only
    one who noticed a similarity between Menzel’s characters in both movies,
    that they both feel trapped by their own abilities, but once it gets they
    realize they’re both free to be who they are and become okay with being
    outcasts? I thought that was a pretty cool coincidence. Makes me wonder if
    they picked her to play Elsa because of it.

  • People for the love of God *quit bitching about Frozen!*

  • *Is totally rocking out to Defying Gravity*

  • Mittalia The Dorat

    Well if thats Love it comes at Much to high a cost

  • I remember seeing this live back in junior year of High School.
    The ending of this song was so passion filled, with visuals and vocals
    It overwhelms you, it strikes you to the soul. =)
    I won’t lie, it brought me to the point of tears.

  • Cassandra England

    Anna and Elsa should sing this

  • I must be honest, I am really not a fan of Idina Menzel now, I feel her
    voice sounds strained. But this was when her voice was still fantastic.

  • First time I’ve heard the original but I still prefer caleb hyle version
    better…..He honestly has a voice of a god! So good. 

  • Thank you so much for uploading. I had the CD originally and listened to so
    much it got worn down to the point I couldn’t get the music to come
    through. I’ve been trying to find the CD again but I haven’t had any luck.
    Thanks for uploading the most inspiring broadway track.

  • Cassandra England

    I wish i saw wicked but i was born that year(2002)

  • Story time! So my sister and I were in the car playing this full blast and
    dramatically acting out the song, as you do, with like full body movements
    and lip syncing. Then we were at a stop light at the “Look to the Western
    sky!” part, and one does not stop at that part even though people could
    easily see us. I was still full on acting with facial expressions and
    miming a broom stick, when I looked over and there was this cute guy
    staring at me. I just kind of looked at him, and he smiled and blew me a
    kiss. it was quite magical. Any way that was my day.

  • Wicked is the most amazingest play in the world!!!!! All the songs are
    awesome and I sing them all!

  • Why are people saying this is a copy from Frozen? Come on, are you people
    really that idiotic? WICKED is 11 years old, Frozen is 1 year old. Plus,
    WICKED is more successful than Frozen. Plus, Frozen actually took some
    lyrics from WICKED any how. And to the people who say they can’t sing, let
    me see/hear you sing, dance, and act with lots of makeup, big costumes, and
    even in this song she has to step on a platform 7+ feet above in the air.
    It’s a beautiful and dangerous play at the same time. So, shut the fk up
    and enjoy their hard work.

  • Jessica Colliins

    im searching for a good musical song for my piece to audition for an
    amazing drama society and was wondering if anyone can help me out. i love
    this song and my voice is better slightly low but i can go high. it would
    mean a lot if i had any tips because i have been searching for the best
    song a lot. 

  • the ” if you care to find me, look to the western sky” always gives me

  • ChickenPikaTurtle

    I’m going to go see for my birthday , In Vegas .. I live there ! Anybody
    have any advise ? Fashion advise , anything .. I know every lyric to every
    Wicked song . I can’t wait to see the show ! My choir teacher got me into
    this , I can’t even wait . She’s obsessed and can’t wait until Saturday ,
    I’m seeing in like 4 weeks .