Miss Saigon – Original Cast Recording (Full).

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For entertainment purposes just.
I do not possess the video, kindly do not erase them.
Just giving Miss Saigon fans the music.

Order of Tracks.

1. Overture
2. The Heat Is On Saigon
3. The Movie In My Mind
4. The Dance
5. Why God, Why?
6. This Cash is Yours
7. Sun and Moon
8. The Telephone Tune
9. The Offer
10. The Ceremony
11. Exactly what’s This I Discover
12. The Last Night Of The world
13. The Morning Of The Dragon
14. I Still Believe
15. This Is The Hour
16. If You Wan na Die In Bed
17. Let Me See His Western Nose
18. I ‘d Provide My Life For You
19. Bui Doi
20. The Discovery
21. What A Waste
22. Please
23. The Fall Of Saigon
24. Room 317
25. Now That I’ve Seen Her
26. The Fight
27. The American Dream
28. The Spiritual Bird
29. Ending

I did not tape this!

This is a full efficiency of Lea Salonga in Miss Saigon’s recentlies on Broadway, formerly published in split clips by user Ryan R.

January 7, 2001 (21 days prior to closing).
Broadway Theatre – Broadway, NY.

Kim – Lea Salonga.
The Engineer – Louyong Wang.
Chris – Will certainly Chase.
John – Charles Wallace.
Ellen – Ruthie Hensall.
Thuy – Michael K Lee.
Gigi – Charlene Carabeo.

Overture/ Backstage Dreamland.
The Heat is On in Saigon.
The Movie in My Mind.
The Transaction.
The Dance.
Why, God, Why?
This Money’s Yours.
Sun and Moon.
The Telephone Song.
The Offer.
The Wedding.
Thuy’s Arrival.
Last Night of the World.
The Morning of the Dragon.
I Still Believe.
Back in Town.
Thuy’s Death/ You Will certainly Not Touch Him.
This is the Hour.
If You Desire to Die in Bed.
Let Me See His Western Nose.
I ‘d Offer My Life for You.
Bui Doi.
The Revelation.
Exactly what a Waste.
Chris is Here.
Kim’s Nightmare/ The Fall of Saigon.
Sun and Moon (Reprise).
Space 317.
Now That I have actually Seen Her.
The Confrontation.
Paper Dragons.
The American Dream.
This is the Hour (Reprise)/ Finale.
Video Score: 4/ 5


  • Please post the London 2014 version.

  • A Musician's Life

    I played violin for this show ! it was so much fun! I ended up playing the
    violin 2 part, the viola part, and ukulele for American Dream. we didn’t
    have a cellist or a violist, so i had to cover those parts and all the
    ethnic asian strings parts.

  • is this the original west-end production?

  • Maraming salamat po sa pag upload 🙂 

  • Francis Pantalita

    I think “Why God Why” is missing.. xD

  • norvin blancaflor
  • What’s up with the large swaths of silence? Thanks for uploading, but
    there are spots missing, like #23, The Fall of Saigon.

  • Is the writing suppposed to look like Kim and a helicopter? Because that is
    what I see. Also, what does the writing mean?

  • Lea doesn’t look 29, she looks maybe 2 years older than she did 11 years
    before this.

  • Lea Salonga just brings tear to my eyes and she relly makes you think! Not
    just believe but really think!

  • This is not the closing show. I was there. For one thing, the closing
    show wasn’t an evening one; it was the 3 p.m. Sunday matinee on January 28,
    2001. Cameron Mackintosh was there as were Boublil and Schoenberg.
    Balloons fell on the audience at the conclusion of Mackintosh’s
    post-curtain call speech in which he thanked the cast especially original
    London Cast members Lea Salonga and Ruthie Henshall. Plus, Luoyong Wang
    played the Engineer at that performance. I believe the Engineer in this
    recording is Wang’s understudy because you can actually understand the
    lyrics when he’s singing. Wang sticks out in my memory because of all the
    Broadway Engineers, Wang had the most difficulty with English so he had
    diction problems throughout the entire time he played the Engineer. He was
    always practically unintelligible in “Back in Town” after Thuy and his men
    beat up the Engineer and Kim and every time the Engineer’s vocal lines were
    up tempo.

  • Lawrence Pineda

    Well in my opinion Leah Salonga is the best role of Kim…

  • Is it just me or everyone noticed that Lea Salonga dies on roles she played
    at Cameron Mackintosh production. First, she played Kim (Miss Saigon). Shot
    herself by the gun Chris gave her. Second, Eponine (Les Miserables) got
    shot while on the way to the barricades and Last, Fantine (Les Miserables,
    died of illness. She’s the goddess of drama acts.

  • Thank you for posting. I saw it in 1991 but didn’t see Lea Salonga but saw
    the alternate who was excellent whose name I believe was Kam Chang. It is
    a treat to see Lea ten years later. I didn’t know that Ruthie Henshall
    ever played Ellen on Broadway. I just thought she was one of the
    replacements for Ellen in London. I am no expert on the Engineer’s
    character but I remember him as being vaguely described as “Eurasian” part
    French & part Vietnamese. Again, thank you for sharing.

  • This was definitely NOT the final show open to the general public. That was
    on January 27, 2001. I was there. I flew up from South Florida just so I
    could catch Lea Salonga in the role of Kim. Although I had seen the show 5
    or 6 times, I had not heard Lea sing the role. I even managed to get her
    autograph after the show. The FINAL Broadway show was on January 28, 2001
    and was by invitation only.

  • I am a die hard fan of this musical especially the original cast! Can
    someone tell me y this has never been released in DVD or HD copy? I was
    searching this fab copy in 4 countries including Philippines but I failed.

  • She was 29 going on 30 in this video. She looks like a teenager.

  • Terrance Kenneth Healy

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  • Alexies Fuentes

    Lea Salonga is simply amazing! The best KIM ever!

  • I LOVE Lea’s angelic soprano voice.

  • When Ramin Karimloo played in this, (if he did) who did he play? I have
    only heard him sing the song that the character “John” sings

  • Richard Clifford

    I saw this in April 1997 on Broadway! It still speaks volumes today!

  • I’ve been waiting for a single video. Thank you!

  • Khristine Consuegra

    Thank you so much for posting!

  • when the dude stripping his shirt and stuff down I was like “ohhh.ohhh..!!
    that abs and muscle!!!” then the light turn off…. 🙁 why!! lol. 

  • It makes me cry even in bad quality :'(
    Lea Salonga is godness

  • So was the helicopter part cuz out?!? Or was that put in during a latter
    version? I’m so confused. Someone plz enlighten me 

  • PhantomifyEponine

    Is Ellen Ruthie Henshall?? I can’t really make up her face.

  • michelle deluna

    wow!!that blows my mind!the acting the kissing and the singing, so
    perfect!iloveyou kim and chris!

  • This is so amazing than I thought!!!!
    Lea Salonga is the best as Kim(Miss Saigon)

  • Thank you thank you thank you. Saw it quite recently but I cant bring
    myself to spend another 45 pounds! So this should satisfy my craving for
    miss saigon! If only Alistair brammer tho..

  • Arsianna Walker-Johnson

    This isn’t the ORIGINAL cast. Its not a good (illegal) recording, in fact
    its quite annoying. I love broadway musicals, but couldn’t make it past
    five minutes of this horrible video.

  • Biiktor Mandafat

    I got bored with the audience. Nobody was reacting to some of the jokes.