Truth or Drink // broadway, boyfriends, and more ~burning~ questions

    DRINK WITH MEEEEE TO DAYYYYYS GONE BY // Get 20% OFF + Free International Shipping @Manscaped with code STEELE20 at! 🌻🌻 OPEN ME 🌻🌻 hey theatre friends!! today, we’re gonna be playing TRUTH OR DRINK basically, it’s truth or dare but instead of dares– you have to answer every question. If you don’t want to, you gotta take

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    When We Come Home Again

    For the theater artist, home is, of course, the stage. And as long as artists live and breathe, the performing arts will continue to live and breathe, sustained and driven forward by the unstoppable heart and creative spirit of the artist, and the love of our theater audiences and community. Here is our gift this Christmas, a resonant message of

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    What You Need to Know about THE PROM Musical on Netflix | (Spoiler Free)

    THE PROM is coming soon to Netflix– here’s everything you need to know! // Get your first month of Backstage for $5 here: 🌻🌻 OPEN ME 🌻🌻 Hi theatre friends! Today, we’re discussing everything you *need* to know about #TheProm movie musical, coming soon to #Netflix! This is an adaptation of the 2018 Tony Award Nominated musical of the

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