Phantom of the Opera on Broadway with James Barbour

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is still running strong. Check out on the latest cast for the current Broadway run. It would help the casual musical theater goers on deciding whether it is still worth checking out after released the official cast. Listening to some of the performances certainly heightens up the expectations.

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Julia Udine is currently playing the conflicted soprano Christine Daae. The innocence needed in the role fitted the youthful look and wide-eyed awe that Christine felt at Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. The artistry involved in presenting Christine as one carried away with the fast-paced turn of events helped with the way Udine handled the role. Imagine a simple back-up dancer suddenly bagging a lead role. Finding her childhood friend next while discovering a renewed relationship with her “Angel of Music” added up to the gamut of emotions that she needed to handle. Singing seemed like the perfect therapy for a stressed heart.

Based on previous performances of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Udine proved to be an actress not afraid to lose herself in the role. It risked getting some of the lines out of tune. But it made watching scenes by the tomb while singing “Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again” look believable. Highly emotional performances is more about making believable scenes while keeping the musicality intact.

James Barbour, previously seen as Jean Valjean on Les Miserables, takes on the role of the Phantom a.k.a. OG. A deep round voice that bordered on being baritenor, Barbour brought gravitas to a role that demanded fear, loathing and mystery in its portrayal. One of his performances intended to plug Phantom of the Opera on Broadway was uploaded on YouTube by New York Theater.

Phantom of the Opera on Broadway

Some of the most memorable Phantoms to grace Andrew Lloyd Webber’s classic musical possessed deep commanding voices. Commanding and terrifying at the same time without losing the charisma and fascination over a character known for falling in love over his protege. This made it very easy for fans of The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway to side with OG instead of the charming, ravishing, gentlemanly prim and proper Raoul.

It doesn’t take away the question on to whether Christine really fell for OG. Or she just got terrified of the poor soul. Only to feel sorry for OG much later on as it is presented at Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. There was already Team OG and Team Raoul now among its rabid fanbase. Someone as vocally gifted as James Barbour makes the choice easier. When the lines between fear and love get blurred, listening to his rendition of “Music of the Night” makes explanations unnecessary.

The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway is currently on the Majestic Theater located in 247 West 44th Street New York, NY. It has the play dates laid out for you. All that is left for you to do is to click here to buy tickets. Special deals await group purchases.

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