RENT Musical Promo Australia – No Day But Today!

Stagetek presents Jonathan Larson’s Rent Opens June 2008 iO Myers Studio, Kensington (Sydney Australia) Introducing Jessica Bell, David Buckley, Luke Cheung,…
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The Musical Rent: Seasons of Love

Seasons of Love by Penny Presents “RENT” the musical at the Tom Mann Theatre in Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia on 14 October 2007. The stage was so tiny and …
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  • Hells Yeah! Imagine what they can do with In the Heights??

  • there mark and angel are hott

  • ive got my ticket! see you there!

  • This looks great! I just got my tickets too, can’t wait to see it!

  • im still SO excited! YAY!

  • LaReina DelBarrio

    Westboro picketed a production of RENT in San Francisco tonight, but many
    showed up to counterprotest.

  • This looks great! I just got my tickets too, can’t wait to see it!

  • Sweet! We’re into the business of seeing one production of RENT a year, so
    far we’ve seen one production (which was also at iO Myers) and the Penny
    Presents production (from where I recognise a few of these faces!). So this
    might be a bit of a mesh of those experiences. Looking forward to it.

  • @LaReinaDelBarrio Damn. They seem more inhumane than unAmerican. It makes
    me so sad to see that anger and ignorance still fester in the church. God
    is all about love. And RENT is all about love. I refuse to believe that the
    two cannot exist in harmony.


  • LaReina DelBarrio

    The Westboro Baptist Church pickets RENT because it has a gay character
    with AIDS and because the USA does not execute gays and lesbians. They’re
    unAmerican dickheads and need to be destroyed.

  • Pity I live interstate. Would love to have seen it looks so professional
    and the cast so talented! Pls let me know if u upload any footage from the
    production. All the best, I’m sure you guys will rock it! Cheers xx

  • LilithStarflower

    I’ll be coming to Sydney on the 28th to see the show, and I can’t wait –
    it’s going to be amazing. Break a leg you guys! 😀

  • Why would anyone picket RENT?

  • hey guys. rikki here. u guys look and sound amazing. i’ll be there. i love
    u guys xoxox

  • this is awsome! i cnt wait to see it!!

  • its almost like the one in rent the movie ! this is so good!

  • I watched this last weekend (in london) and i thought the music was
    brilliant. And yes, i cried twice lol. x

  • @aksy12 hahaha epal =))

  • i think it sounds good ; almost idenical to RENT the movie.

  • its nic3

  • wow, i cant believe it turned out so well i knew it would, best cast of
    rent ever you guys rock, great to be helping on the show

  • that was amazing.

  • For the most part this was an alright group, but i have to say the guys at
    1:27 – 1:35 were horrible :/

  • Don’t they tell you not to record it?

  • her high note was good i don’t know what you all are talking about
    ovbiously because it was recorded on a video it was i little fuzzy… but
    still a very good performance

  • the video kinda makes it suck but im sure in person it was beautiful it
    might just be the recording

  • Sarafina Charlier

    the song was sung kinda fast, and the girl that sung the the solo was
    actually screaming instead of singing and the high note made me
    cringe…but overall, it was good

  • not as good as the original>>

  • Anthony Humphrey

    during the beginning cord i couldnt really hear the guy harmonies

  • Bloody good cast

  • Jordi San José

    I watched this musical in NYC and I have to say that everything was
    awesome. It should be called “Find a job” though.

  • Wow how fast were they going!! lol There wasn’t much variation in volume
    which kinda lost me, should have been quieter to start as they were pretty
    much shouting

  • i love you annette m/ my idol:)))))

  • Congratulations for butchering such an awesome song 😐

  • wow thats a lot better then me !!=)

  • Tune. And well-performed. It’s not a quiet song, I think an exaggerated use
    of dynamics ruins it. 5*

  • Anthony Humphrey

    @thrilljunkie08 Yes he is I think they took it down an octave

  • omfg! that girl sounds terible she cant hit thos high notes she sounds like
    shes screaming at someone sry i dint like it im being truthful

  • it was also a little fast for me, but that might just be my thinkin. lol

  • “Rent” was named such because of them struggling to pay rent, but also
    because the word “rent” means “to be torn from.” This is a pretty amazing
    video, actually, for such a small stage. I actually really the setup of the
    thesbians… and there were some pretty awesome singers, honestly. Gorgeous.