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Days and Days

Days and Days Lyrics: Fun Home The Musical

Considered as the B-side to Welcome to our House on Maple Avenue, Days and Days served as an opportunity for Alison’s mother, Helen, to discuss her husband, Bruce. Fun Home The Musical discussed Bruce more in the graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel. A sequel to the best seller was already released entitled Are You My […]

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Welcome to our House on Maple Avenue

Welcome to our House on Maple Avenue Lyrics

Maybe you are bracing for next year’s Tony Awards with Welcome to our House on Maple Avenue as opening number. In case you haven’t watched or read, Fun Home The Musical won at the 2015 Tony Awards for Best Musical. Apart from a meaty storyline, it boasts of a playlist reminiscent of Motown hits. Welcome […]

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Ring of Keys

Ring of Keys: Lyrics from Fun Home The Musical

The first time I heard the song Ring of Keys from Fun Home The Musical, I was in awe. You end up finding a song where a kid discover that it is okay to be different. That being a woman is not an excuse for being strong or for dressing like a man. I have […]

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Changing My Major

Changing My Major: Lyrics from Fun Home

The lyrics from Changing My Major, from Fun Home The Musical, has the lyrical beauty of someone in love. For a memoir that transcended into a graphic novel and later into a Tony-nominated hit musical, it contains lyrics that are authentic. And this song became one of the favorites because of romantic sex involved. Having […]

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Fun Home The Musical

Fun Home The Musical: Ode to Family

Fun Home The Musical earned most of the nominations for the 2015 Tony Awards. This may have been one of the first instances of a graphic novel reinterpreted as a musical. Critics have also referred to it as the first musical focusing on what it is like to be a butch lesbian. Cast of Fun […]

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