The 2020 Tony Awards are BACK ON (…but with some BIG changes) // Breaking Broadway News

Thought the 2020 Tony Awards were done for when CBS replaced the broadcast with a singalong version of the movie ‘Grease’ (real thing, not a headline from The Onion)? WELL THINK AGAIN.
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HEY THEATRE FRIENDS! It’s me, your good ol pal Kat Steele, and today we’re discussing a piece of BREAKING (theatre) NEWS. A few weeks after the #Broadway shutdown, it was announced that the Tony awards were postponed indefinitely and would be replaced by a singalong version of the movie ‘Grease’. It’s sounds like a throwaway on Arrested Development but I swear on my life that’s what really happened.

The Tony Awards were hoping to reschedule for autumn, but CBS very quickly made it known that they had no interest in producing a socially distanced version of the show 🙁
But this past weekend, we received a shocking update. THE SHOW WILL GO ON! THE TONY AWARDS ARE BACK, BABY!!! But they’ll be a little different this time….Let’s deep dive and discuss what the heck is going on with the 2020 #TonyAward Ceremony

Why the Tony Awards got CANCELLED & Replaced by a GREASE sing-along | *i wish i was kidding*

Variety Article

NY Post Article


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