• Claire is amazing!!!

  • nyanaman!!! d ko nakita to! :'(
    sanaa bumalik… tapus si ramin karimloo yung phantom tsaka si sierra
    boggess yung christine daae tsaka si hadley fraser yung raoul.. :'( 

  • @MrColigings Again, I’ve only seen Ramin.

  • PencilpusherManila

    huh? this was from a press launch. we were there SPECIFICALLY to film
    EXCERPTS of the musical numbers, for publicity purposes, with express
    permission from the producers, etc. the performers knew they were being
    filmed, photographed, recorded. YOU ARE FUNNY.

  • Hearing claire Lyon sing as christine reminds me of Sierra Boggess and
    Sarah Brightman. My two faborite christines!:)

  • The girl who played Meg impressed me too. She can sing, dance…and climb.

  • Ah ok. That I’ve heard about but didn’t know if it was true or not. Thanks.

  • And young! Swear to god, the Phantom seems to be getting younger and hotter
    with every version. “He’s here, Benjamin Button of the Opera,” lol.

  • Ive watched this on their last day in Manila. Please don’t remove this
    video…been looking for this! thanks youuuuu!

  • The production looks crappy…

  • TheCouchPotato26

    Oh… and they did things differently with the broken mirror. But still…
    it was amazing,

  • Blinking Cursor

    (Cont’d from previous post) played Raoul while John Owen Jones was Phantom,
    so he was able to observe up close another great established actor in that
    iconic role before he himself took it on. He’s also a good friend of Colm
    Wilkinson and was actually inspired to become a stage actor after watching
    CW play Phantom in Toronto. Ramin is talented, good looking, and has a
    strong stage presence, but vocally, there are actually better singers out
    there that are more consistent and technically assured.

  • That’s the rule but hey, bootlegging is some sort of a sub-culture even on
    Broadway. Call it whatever you want but bootlegs (while illegal) are also
    educational tools. It’s thanks to bootleggers that some shows (esp. older
    ones) are preserved on video for posterity. Some directors and actors use
    them, and I can even name a few big names on Broadway who collect them. Not
    justifying them I hasten to add, just reiterating that it’s simply one of
    the perks of being passionate about musical theater.

  • ooh how are the candelabras different? o.o

  • Both of them were great but Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo are still the
    best tandem for me. 😀

  • I saw this amazingly talented man in the Phantom here in Johannesburg and
    became a fan instantly. 2 days ago I saw him again in Noel and Gertie and
    he was brilliant once again. He can sing, dance, act, play the piano, be
    funny and the list goes on…. I wish him all the best… he deserves it…

  • still mesmerized by this

  • @MrColigings I can’t judge the acting because I’ve only seen Ramin’s and
    not Jonathan’s, but vocal wise? Jonathan is by far superior. Ramin is not a
    trained vocalist and while yes he’s amazing, there are flaws that are
    blatantly obvious which I noticed but continued on listening to his
    performance anyways because of the emotion. So technically (an I literally
    mean technically, with response to technique and everything), Jonathan is
    better. Acting and feeling the role I can’t say because

  • watched it and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! <3

  • hear, hear!

  • no probs 🙂

  • i’m planning to watch it when it comes to Singapore… do u think stall
    seats or Dress Circle / Upper circle seats will be better? I’m worried if I
    sit too low I won’t be able to appreciate the chandelier rising and falling
    and if I sit too high everything will be too far away 🙁

  • enzoferrarimendoza

    That’s probably how many people were there, read the description

  • no i meant that in the title song they usually use a audio playback for
    both the Phantom AND christine, because at the beginning of the song they
    are moving around backstage to get into position with the boat while the
    doubles walk on the catwalk. i’ve read that some productions switch to live
    singing once the “real” phantom and christine appear on the boat, but for
    most productions they use an audio playback for the WHOLE song.

  • Three people clapped.