The Worst Songs in Broadway Musicals | *nerdy rant warning*

Here are the worst songs from my favorite broadway musicals. Even if you like all the songs, there’s always that one you THANK U, NEXT
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HI THEATRE PEOPLE! Today, I’m ranting about The Worst Songs in my favorite Broadway Musicals. This principle applies to every show, but today we’re specifically discussing Wicked, Carousel, Phantom of the Opera, Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, Legally Blonde, and more! This video idea was born out of a conversation I was having regarding what songs always get skipped during an Broadway Cast Recording listening sesh. The song might be perfect within the context of the musical, but it always gets a fast & hard THANK U NEXT once you’ve got your headphones in. Today, I’m doing a live, deep dive into my favorite musicals and why I still skip some of those songs.

QOTD: What songs from your favorite #broadway #musicals do you skip? Let me know in the comments below!


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