Tobins Lake Studios Announces New Theatrical Scenic Backdrops and a New Individual Artist

Brighton, MI (PRWEB)

Tobins Lake Studios has been producing beautiful backgrounds and theatrical products for more than 60 years. Until in 2013, there were 3 business under the Tobins Lake Studios name: one specializing in lighting and rigging for Automobile Reveals, another offering lighting devices and theatre supplies, and the original core company that designed, painted and leased theatrical backgrounds, manufactured curtains and provided rental drapery and provided the arts neighborhood with it’s Easy Armor & & Ornament. Now, Tobins Lake Studios discovers itself in a position to re-introduce itself to the artistic communities around the nation. Tobins Lake Studios is now back to that initial core Background Rental Business and is excited to focus fully on what their clients are looking for in their upcoming productions.

. Tobins Lake Studios has available hundreds of rental backdrops for a huge number of shows, that their devoted clients have liked for many years. Nevertheless, as part of going back to its core, Tobins Lake Studios has actually made it a top priority to start producing new backdrops for the many programs that have been recently provided to the theatre neighborhood. With that in mind Tobins Lake Studios has brought aboard a brand-new scenic artist, Jamie Clausius, to assist drive that vision forward.

. Ms. Clausius has repainted for numerous theatre business, consisting of Children’s Theatre of Madison, the Lexington Kid’s Theatre, and Muhlenberg Summertime Music Theatre. She studied at Cobalt Studios Inc., taking part in their two year Picturesque Artist Training Program, which prepares scenic artists for professions in theatre and other locations. Ms. Clausius has an interest for picturesque painting and a drive to develop brand-new procedures and designs specifically for backgrounds. She enjoys the cooperation and the concept exchange that originates from working together with other artistic specialists.

. Since starting at Tobins Lake Studios, Ms. Clausius has been researching popular musicals and shows that are quickly to be produced, and started preparing new phase backdrop creates to address the requirements of the creative coordinators for their new shows.

.” I view creative relationships as an essential cornerstone for creativity, and I’m dedicated to bonding with Tobins Lake Studios customers, infusing the business with their requirements and concepts. Social media and technology have become so crucial for a company to connect to its clients. I’m thrilled to dive into those avenues and have the ability to talk to specialists on a more causal level.” stated Ms. Clausius.

. With Tobins Lake Studios as the only theatrical backdrop rental studio in Michigan, and among just a handful of such business around the country, Ms. Clausius sees an excellent chance to reach out to brand-new artists through technology that can benefit both the artist and the studio, and allow the customer to actually have a voice in the sort of products they would like to see produced.

. With client input, Ms. Clausius has made numerous brand-new backdrop designs available. Such designs include an overload background meant for “Shrek the Musical”, an Egyptian pyramid design for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat”, and a “Village of the Sweets” design for “The Nutcracker”.

. Tobins Lake Studios has a few of the most competitively priced backgrounds in the company, and with brand-new stock being added each month they are a great option for theatre experts to use in their shows. With brand-new designs by Ms. Clausius and others the inventory of gorgeous backgrounds grows and enhances the fantastic history of Tobins Lake Studios. Please go to to preview their brand-new designs, other items they provide and check out more about the history of Tobins Lake Studios.

. About Tobins Lake Studios -Tobins Lake Studios Inc is one of the country’s biggest and earliest suppliers of Rental Beautiful Backdrops, Draperies and Vacuum Sealed Armor and Phase Ornaments for the performing arts industry. Our customer base is big and diverse ranging from commercial giants to little non-profits, theaters, universities, schools, dance companies, churches, display screens, exhibition, festivals, museums and individual unique events.


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