Jesus Christ Superstar 1996 complete album and (1973) – Everything’s Alright

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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s timeless opera – Jesus Christ Superstar (1973 Version).
Video Score: 4/ 5

I do not possess any part of this. All rights go to the authors and entertainers.
00:08 -Heaven On Their Minds.
04:22 -What’s The Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying.
08:30 -Everything’s Alright.
13:05 – This Jesus Needs to Pass away.
16:41 -Hosanna.
19:35 -Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem.
24:47 -Pilate’s Dream.
26:19 -The Temple.
31:00 -Everything’s Alright(Reprise).
31:30 -Damned For All Time/Blood Money.
37:06 -The Last Supper.


  • DaveDangerous74

    The Bible is a work of total fiction. No archaeologist believes there is
    any evidence supporting anything in the bible.
    It is however a great book on psychology. If you want to understand how
    Jews think, read the bible. It’s all in there.

  • Never read the comments’ section when there is even a slight chance that
    religion can come up as a topic. *rolls eyes*

  • So dumb that people have to turn this into a religious discussion. This
    show has nothing to do with what you believe. 

  • wheres the Overture?

  • 13:05 I never knew Emperor Palpatine has such a great singing voice.

  • Guhyavira Johnson

    Who cares if its a fairytale….its a great story about how a good man gets
    fucked over by everyone yet forgives them! Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice
    were/are geniuses!

  • People who listen to this and say there not Christians, listen Jesus loves
    you more than any think
    Christianity is faith in Jesus and when u have faith in Jesus it feels like
    he’s looks after u. Jesus does miracles and I believe in him but I’m just
    saying do u listen to this and not understand what its about

  • 1:13:40 This is still, years later, my favorite part of the album. This
    verse leading RIGHT into Superstar. So powerful.

  • Marilyn Manson would like this.

  • Andrew Lloyd Webber is a musical genius! 

  • It’s always amusing to hear believers of one or the other mythical creature
    mock people for being ignorant of scripture. It’s like mocking people for
    not knowing all facts about Winnie the Pooh. Who the hell cares what faerie
    tales are written down in bibles and how many of them you are able to
    quote. You are wasting your life gaining useless knowledge. And mocking
    people for not wasting their lives memorizing the bible as well is as
    stupid as mocking people for not believing in homeopathy, ghosts or alien

  • I’ve listened to this more than 10 times last month only…I’m not
    Christian but it’s such a good story and the music is devine.

  • Most powerful performance. Thank you!

  • This is the best cast recording I have ever heard. It really crucifies
    other recordings. too soon?

  • Jesus Christ appeared to me in broad daylight on May 12, 2010 in my home
    and showed me a Clock of time that ends in the second half of 2016. I left
    everything to follow Him and have been counting the days since. You can
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  • John Wats-Going-On

    Not even Christian and I listen this multiple times a month XD

  • I love steve balsamo as jesus and ramin karimloo as peter

  • “Stusio”?

    Honestly, I prefer the original cast recording. Played it to death, just
    like ‘Tommy’.

  • Why are people talking about religion here? This is entertainment. Be


  • Grim Grinning Ghost13

    57:38: My reaction: Is that Alice freaking Cooper?! That’s awesome!

  • Bill Geltzeiler

    No “I don’t know how to love him!?” WTFFF