Jesus Christ Superstar – Superstar Carl Anderson

Jesus Christ Superstar - Superstar

Carl Anderson performing “Superstar” on the film Jesus Christ Superstar made in the 70 ´ s. I can tell for sure this is the very best efficiency i ´ ve ever seen of JCS ever. Carl Anderson (Judas) and Ted Neeley (Jesus Christ) are simply FANTASTIC.


  • I hope to God that Funky Disco Judas comes for me when its my time to go.

  • MolemanNineThousand

    Is this unedited? As in, does the song really end that abruptly?

  • Jesus Christ Superstar – Superstar:

  • Unreal…A black man portraying jesus…wtf….

    What a joke…..


  • One of the firstS appareances of Whoopi Goldberg in a film,she was dancer
    and chorus vocalist on this.

  • José Manuel Leandro

    Um File que Marcou Uma Época

    Jesus Christ Superstar

  • Even if you don’t buy into the virgin birth, Son of God and ressuracation
    thing, which is cool., you have to admit Jesus was one cool dude who gave
    off some great vibes.
    Gotta love it, the only time he got pissed was when the money changers at
    the Temple were ripping people off. He flipped their table over and chased
    them out.
    We could use him on Wall Street now.

  • Judas stole the show …DOH!


  • RTL Light Night heeft me doorgestuurd naar deze videoclip een goede film en
    goed nummer

  • what do you call that outfit judas is wearing?

  • !!!………………………………………

  • Oct 12th 1971 – Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”
    debuted on Broadway. 


  • I saw this show a few years ago w/ Carl Anderson playing Judas and
    Sebastian Bach as Jesus, 02 or 03 I think. Anderson was incredible.

  • Rosemary Davies

    Just saw JCS in Cardiff………O.M.G. It was dreadful ! The guy who played
    Jesus was terrible and the Judas character even worse. Yeah Rhydian was in
    it as Pontius Pilate and if it wasn’t for him the show would have been
    little more than a waste of time. The sound was iffy and the Mary Magdeline
    character was inaudible. I wasted my money on this Bill Kenwright dud……

  • Angela Netherton

    One of my fav movies of all time,I love it!

  • So great!!! I saw this in Junior high when it was first released. There
    was so much picketing and we had to push thru to get our tickets. I was
    told it was a “mortal sin” go see JCSS. LOL! I mean you wouldn’t
    believe the controversy over this movie! Its so cool to have seen it when
    it first premiered. Still love this version the BEST!!!

  • Bardo Solitario

    Jesus Christ Superstar – Superstar:

  • aurelian axinte


  • stupids star…….? Janis Joplin…..Mercedes indeed

  • I have always felt this was a thinly disguised yet brilliant reworking of
    Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with Jesus Christ as Julius Caesar and Judas as
    Brutus. Irregardless this is my favorite filmed version of the Passion