Saul by Handel in Canterbury

Saul by Handel in Canterbury

Saul by Handel in Canterbury for a limited time only. While David was hailed as one of the greatest kings the Israelites ever had according to the Bible. Such reputation slowly slipped away from his predecessor, Saul. A work of theatrical art that. It is often compared with William Shakespeare’s King Lear. A king driven to madness may be the only factor similar to the aforementioned English play.

Based on the Biblical story, Saul by Handel in Canterbury is seen as one of Handel’s best oratorios reinvented as an opera. Saul should be happy for the glory that David brought to Israel. Slaying the Philistines’ best warrior, Goliath, served as a major morale boost to a nation depended on Yahweh for guidance. And David managed to achieve what no seasoned warrior in Saul’s army ever achieved. To think that he only used several stones and a slingshot. But Saul is consumed with the green-eyed monster. The kind of beast that caused his to turn farther away from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Under the stage direction of Barrie Kosky. Saul by Handel in Canterbury is presented in the point of view of the titular character in an English setting. Characters looked like they have been face-painted with kabuki-white make-up. It gave audiences an idea how most of the story is presented the way Saul saw the people around him. That includes his unpleasant view of David. For him, David is nothing more that a jester. A kid with military exploits that threatened Saul’s grip on the throne. Then again, his views on the young man are clouded with the crowd that adored David. Soon he found himself marrying one of his daughters off to David. Michal liked David. But it was Merab that got married off first simply because she’s the older sister.

Seeing Saul by Handel in Canterbury in full production served justice to the genius that Handel infused into this Biblical story. Historical authenticity aside. Saul served as an analytical approach to a monarch whose grip on power is getting weak. His influence is grasping on straws. Soon he would see his own family enamored with David. Even Jonathan. His only son is getting too close to David. He is supposed to treat David as a threat to the throne being the heir. But it was just Saul who viewed it that way. The kind of psychological drama found here served as the best inspiration for Handel to create an opera that generations have enjoyed. Audiences today would rather see this kind of musical drama unfold in full production. Musical theater in inevitable since Saul by Handel in Canterbury is performed in English.

With Laurence Cummings as musical director. Saul by Handel in Canterbury would be available only by 6 November 2015. The Saul UK Tour would be in Canterbury only on that date. It’s a must-see. So buy tickets by clicking here while supplies last. Re-imagine a theatrical classic like no other.

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