Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs provided the longest version of last song syndrome going on for its hordes of loyal followers. Imagine the likes of Katie Travis as previously written here singing duets of tunes from their childhood. Others though would find themselves singing the lines to each other in reply. It’s how magical this musical is. This playlist may have been on your mp3 player. And still find yourself wanting more.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Prologue

Technically, the only singing part here is that of Vicomte de Chagny. It is one of the memorable tracks among the Phantom of the Opera songs. He is too old to express any delight or astonishment upon winning the bid for the music box. It was exactly as how “she” described it. Being one of the last items up for bidding. It eventually led to the emcee orienting the audience about the next item. The chandelier was unveiled as the orchestra is heard playing the overture.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Overture/Hannibal

Flashback to the glory days of Opera Populaire. It was the site of the bidding event that the Vicomte de Chagny attended. Carlotta was overdoing her trills and runs, whichever comes first. It was the dress rehearsal for the opera’s next offering entitled “Hannibal”. Ubaldo Piangi, the tenor assigned the title role, could not control his Italian accent as he sung his lines.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Think of Me

A song intended to prove whether back up dancer Christine Daae can fill the shoes of resident prima donna Carlotta. Think of Me has become one of the ideal audition songs for real-life aspiring actresses. On the other hand, it is also the kind of song that would reveal whether a singer leans towards the lyric soprano route. The runs and the E flats required in getting this song performed appropriately served as a contrast to the acting mettle needed. The beginning of the song was shaky as Christine hasn’t earned enough confidence. Meg only prodded her knowing the kind of talent she can deliver. Halfway through the song is when Christine lets go. Right after Raoul’s remarks from the balcony. Christine even dishes out some notes to finish the song on a high note. A classic opener in our playlist of Phantom of the Opera songs.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Angel of Music

The song where Meg tried to quiz Christine as to who her mysterious mentor was. Just short enough to give the audience an idea that as talented as Christine turned out. Surely, she must have a mentor conducting master classes for her. Christine would rather address him as her Angel of Music. The same entity that would guide her through music.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Little Lotte

Little Lotte referred to the childhood nickname Christine had. A name that Raoul still remembers her by. It was through the lines from a bedtime story they shared that they recognized each other. Or at least how Christine acknowledged this Vicomte as her childhood friend. Very much in contrast with how Monsieur Fermin and Monsieur Andre viewed Raoul’s decision to meet Christine in private. They are aware of the Vicomte’s reputation as a ladies’ man. On the other hand, Christine had trouble explaining to Raoul how things are no longer the same. Raoul immediately left the room before Christine could finish.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: The Mirror (Angel of Music)

Christine’s mentor, the Phantom, was irritated at the brash attitude that Raoul exhibited. He even accused of him stealing his thunder. The jealousy was seething beneath the lines. But he would not let that get in the way of meeting his pupil in person. In true fashion of how the Phantom has taken control of this opera. He gave Christine the pathway to him. That would be the mirror.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: The Phantom of the Opera

Raoul returns to the room to ensure that Christine comes with him. He would not take no for an answer. Too late. Christine has entered the mirror where her Angel of Music awaits him. He was standing beside a boat floating on the murky waters of the sewers. And it will be their only way to the Phantom’s lair. This is where Christine contemplated on whether it is for real or it’s all inside her mind. This is one of the Phantom of the Opera songs where Christine’s hallucinations are addressed in contrast to what she actually sees.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: The Music of the Night

Among the Phantom of the Opera songs, Music of the Night presented how the Phantom envisioned “his opera house” to be. One where the prima donna will be his student, Christine Daae. “Only you can make my song take flight” He was explicit in telling her “Leave all thoughts of the life you knew before”. Obviously it included Raoul, a part of her childhood. The real reason eventually surfaced upon saying “Only then can you belong to me”.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: I Remember/Stranger Than You Dreamt It

I Remember was Christine wondering aloud the earliest recollection of the Phantom. This she did upon waking up in his lair. It was also where she took advantage of him feeling comfortable in her presence. Too comfortable that she found the courage to take his mask off. Much to his aghast! In anger, he declared that Christine will never be free of him. The face she ended up seeing turned out to be “Stranger than you dreamt it”. One of the Phantom of the Opera songs that summed up early on the kind of relationship Christine and the Phantom had.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Magical Lasso

Joseph Buquet was demonstrating to the back-up dancers how to escape a rope knot around his neck. He claimed that the Phantom is fond of setting traps. Madame Giry viewed this as an opportunity to brag. In return, he warned Buquet to watch his back.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Notes

Firmin and Andre are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Or should we say stroke of luck? Christine saved Opera Populaire after all. It gave the new opera house owners some serious confidence boost. It was here were they were met with Raoul and Carlotta with Piangi regarding notes sent. Raoul mistook the note as from Firmin and Andre. Carlotta mistook the note as from Raoul. And Christine is still resting according to Madame Giry. In her hand, a note from someone signed as “OG”. This is where the Phantom wrote that the countess role of “Il Muto” be given to Christine. And the pageboy’s non-speaking role be given to Carlotta. Carlotta was enraged threatening another walkout.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Prima Donna

This is where one of the Phantom of the Opera Songs assigned to Firmin and Andre play. In an effort to persuade Carlotta to return to Opera Populaire, Firmin and Andre showered her with platitudes. Mostly shallow compliments of how her public needed her. The owners are willing to switch the roles between Christine and Carlotta just to have the latter back. So much that they even suspected Raoul of being “OG”. Raoul on the other hand suddenly remembered the “Angel of Music” that Christine mentioned. Firmin and Andre are too preoccupied with Carlotta to notice how Raoul, Madame Giry and her daughter Meg have started speculating who “OG” is. After all the platitudes, Carlotta eventually agreed to accept the role.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Il Muto

Il Muto is more of a snippet of the opera-within-the-opera “Il Muto” among the Phantom of the Opera Songs. It tells about Serafimo, the presumed title character. He gets into an affair with the countess. It was more of the Phantom’s ploy to embarrass Carlotta. By putting her in a non-speaking role. Only the part where the gossipmongers are talking behind the countess’ back are shown. It was followed by the Phantom declaring his displeasure with the casting change.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Poor Fool He Makes Me Laugh

The Phantom complains about Box 5 not being empty. Christine breaks character and wonders aloud about the Phantom. Carlotta then snaps at Christine for breaking character. The Phantom then chastises Carlotta for calling Christine a toad. The cast try to pretend that nothing happened and move on with their roles. When Carlotta tried to continue her lines, she emits a croak. She pretends not to hear the suppressed laughter heard from the Phantom. Moving on with her lines, she tried again only for croaks to come out of her mouth. She found herself incapable of singing in this part among the Phantom of the Opera songs. She exclaimed “I cannot go on”. Piangi runs to comfort her. Firmin and Andre try to appease the audience by announcing the new cast and presenting the ballerinas ahead of schedule. While the dancers are on stage, something almost fell to the ground. If not for the noose around its neck. It turned out to be Joseph Buquet. Christine cried for help calling out for Raoul. Raoul immediately took her to the roof.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Why Have You Brought Me Here

This is the part among the Phantom of the Opera songs where Raoul tried to convince Christine. There is no Phantom of the Opera. It’s all in Christine’s mind. That part may be true. But Christine went as far as mentioning “Those eyes that burn!” Raoul is one step short of telling her that she’s hallucinating.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Raoul, I’ve Been There

Christine described the Phantom she saw. “Can I ever escape that face? So distorted, deformed, it was hardly a face” as mentioned in this part among the Phantom of the Opera songs. Christine was honest enough in admitting the confusion though. As much as she feared that face, “In that night there was music in my mind. And through music my soul began to soar!” Raoul would have none of it though.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: All I Ask of You

And now we go to possibly the most famous track from the Phantom of the Opera songs apart from the title track – All I Ask of You. Raoul refused to believe in the existence of the Phantom. But it is not an excuse for him not to comfort Christine. He loved her way back in their childhood. “No more talk of darkness. Forget this wide-eyed fear” The chivalrous man in Raoul wanted to be there for Christine. And it’s just fine for Christine. “All I want is freedom” She owed a lot to the Phantom in terms of honing the singing talent that she possessed. But being treated as a possession on the Phantom’s part is starting to suffocate her. And they agreed that “Anywhere you go, I will go too”.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: All I Ask of You (Reprise)

The Phantom was just in the background listening to the lovers plan their escape. This is the track among the Phantom of the Opera songs where the Phantom’s vulnerability is exposed. He ended his song with a threat. “You will curse the day you did not do.”

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Masquerade

A track among the Phantom of the Opera songs that served as a contrast to the entity that they are trying to avoid. How can attendees at the opera ball ignore the elephant in the room with lines like “Hide your face so the world will never find you”? It may have served as a premonition.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Why So Silent

And somebody crashed the party. The Phantom himself wearing a mask. The silence that fell in the room was replied with retorts from the Phantom. It was expressed in this track among the Phantom of the Opera songs. The Phantom used this as an opportunity to present the opera he wrote for Christine. It was entitled Don Juan Triumphant. He approaches Christine and assumes his authority over her. He grabs her necklace saying “You belong to me”. He performs the disappearing act to escape.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Madame Giry’s Tale

Raoul was then convinced of the Phantom’s existence. The Phantom’s disappearing act pushed Raoul to talk to Madame Giry. She is the only person who knew the Phantom’s roots. Madame Giry was shaken. She is so scared. It was as if the only facts she could share about him is that he is a prodigy. An excellently gifted musician and magician. Other than that, she could share no more because “there have been too many accidents”. This part among the Phantom of the Opera songs served as the turning point.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Twisted Every Way

A track among the Phantom of the Opera songs that basically demonstrated everyone’s frustrations. Firmin and Andre are irritated with the way “OG” has meddled in the operations. Carlotta is irritated at the small part given to her for “Don Juan Triumphant”. Christine is irritated at how Carlotta keeps on accusing her that she’s behind all of this trouble. With Raoul having witnessed how the Phantom messed up Christine. He tried to convince her to take the lead soprano part in the aforementioned opera in the hopes of ensnaring the Phantom.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

Stressed beyond reproach, Christine ran to the cemetery to visit her father’s grave. This part among the Phantom of the Opera songs demonstrated how Christine longed for the past. For her, her father was, even among “the wrong companions, you were warm and gentle”.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Wandering Child

It was in this moment of vulnerability where the Phantom appeared to Christine. It was in Act 2 where the Phantom’s skills as a magician were presented. In the track “Wandering Child” among the Phantom of the Opera songs, The Phantom clearly still has power over Christine through hypnosis. Potent enough to condition her mind in a hypnotic trance to say “Angel of Music, my protector”. Raoul arrives in time to exclaim “Whatever you may believe … this man … this thing is not your father”.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Don Juan

Piangi and Christine sang their roles to open the production. Christine agreed to be the bait in capturing the Phantom. This is the first half of the duet between the characters among the Phantom of the Opera songs.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: The Point of No Return

This is the second half of the duet among the Phantom of the Opera songs. It was between the lead characters in the opera-within-the-opera Don Juan Triumphant. Halfway through the duet was when Christine realized that she’s having a duet not with Piangi. But with the Phantom himself. Christine grabbed the opportunity to unmask the Phantom. Much to the aghast of the audience.

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer

The Phantom’s exposure made him panic. The panic was strong enough for him to take away Christine towards his lair underground. Among the Phantom of the Opera songs, this is where the Phantom explained best why he’d rather live in the sewers. “The wickedness of my abhorrent face!” A mob then went out on the hunt to “track down this murderer”.

Phantom of the Opera Songs

Phantom of the Opera Songs: Final Lair

The Phantom then forced Christine to wear the bridal gown found in his lair. Raoul arrives in time to beg for Christine’s freedom. When Raoul asked the Phantom to “show some compassion”. All the Phantom could reply was “The world showed no compassion to me!” For this retort, Christine snaps at the “pitiful creature of darkness”. To prove that he is not the only damaged soul in the room. She prayed to God for the strength to prove him otherwise by kissing him. The Phantom was shaken, feeling the sincerity of Christine’s kiss. It pushes him to release the couple.

Each of these songs share a piece of the story. Relive the playlist taken from the Phantom of the Opera songs by witnessing it live. Phantom of the Opera is now on tour. Click here for tickets. Who knows if your home city is the tour’s next stop?

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