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The Phantom of the Opera became the longest running Broadway production ever when it surpassed Felines on January 6, 2006 with its 7486th efficiency. The world premiere of the musical was on September 27, 1986 at Her Majesty’s Theater in London. The first Broadway production opened on January 9, 1988 at the Majestic Theater. The Phantom of the Opera has been made into a significant activity image too. It is possibly the most popular musical in the history of Broadway.

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The story of
Phantom of the Opera revolves around 3 significant characters. One is a facially disfigured brilliant artist and composer who wears a mask to conceal his deformity and is known as the Phantom that haunts the Paris Opera House. He is enamored by Christine Daae, an opera chorus woman whom he takes under his wing and trains her to end up being a great opera vocalist. Christine is in love with Raoul, whom she has actually referred to as a child and whom she discovers at the Paris Opera Residence.

The story starts with a scene in 1911, with Raoul as a seventy year old wheelchair bound guy who exists at the auction of items of the Paris Opera House. The auctioneer describes the significance of a chandelier on display in relation to the Phantom of the opera and afterwards the scene moves back to the Paris Opera House in its heights.


see the prima donna Carlotta at a rehearsal for the opera, Hannibal, when suddenly a background falls, almost eliminating her. There are cries of “It’s the Phantom” and she refuses to sing after that. Christine is then asked to carry out by her good friend who is the ballet teacher’s child. Raoul sees her there and acknowledges her as his childhood pal. He wants to take her for supper but she refuses saying her music teacher will certainly not allow it. After that we discover that her music instructor is the Phantom himself who is obsessed with her.

The rest

of the story advances with her love for Raoul progressing and the phantom’s rage at that. In the end, Christine is kidnapped by the Phantom who asks her to remain with him permanently or he would kill Raoul. Her choice brings with it completion of the story of the Phantom of the Opera.

The musical
is directed by Harold Prince with haunting and memorable music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber who likewise wrote the script. The cast consists of Howard McGillin as the Phantom, Jennifer Hope Wills as Christine and Michael Shawn Lewis as Raoul. The program has actually victoried over fifty awards including three Olivier Awards and seven Tony Awards, consisting of Best Musical.

The Phantom
of the Opera tickets are in high demand even after a lot of performances. To get your tickets at the very best cost your finest option would be to get in touch with the box workplace at the Majestic Theater where it has actually been running for the last nineteen years, the only Broadway production to do so. Your other options consist of buying tickets on the phone or online.

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