Many stunning songs from musicals

Many stunning songs from musicals

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” >< embed src="" type =" application/x-shockwave-flash" width =" 425 "height =" 355" allowfullscreen="true "allowNetworking =" internal" > The Leading Ten most gorgeous tunes from musicals( In my viewpoint). Video Score:/ 5 < param name =" film "value ="" >< param name =" allowFullScreen" value="real" >< embed src ="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height =" 355" allowfullscreen =" true" allowNetworking="internal" > Prepare for a musical experience as Harry and his friends go back to school for another year of discovering shenanigans! Just this year their wizarding world gets turned on its head when the Dark Lord comes back from the dead to take his revenge on The Kid Who Lived.

” A Very Potter Musical” is an unofficial, fan-made, parody show.

” Goin’ Back To Hogwarts” Lyrics (by Darren Criss):.

Beneath these stairs.
I hear the sneers and feel glares of.
my cousin, my uncle and my aunt.

Can’t think how cruel they are.
and it stings my lighting scar.
to know that they’ll never ever give me what I want.

I know I do not should have these.
stupid rules made by the Dursleys.
here on Privet drive.

Cannot take all these muggles,.
but in spite of all my struggles,.
I’m still alive.

Im sick of summer season and this waiting around.
Male, its September, and Im skipping this town.
Hey Its no mystery, theres nothing here for me now.

I got ta get back to Hogwarts,.
I got ta get back to school.
Got ta get myself to Hogwarts,.
where everyone understands I’m cool.

Back to wizards and witches, and magical monsters,.
to goblins and ghosts and to wonderful banquets.
Its all that I love, and it’s all that I require.
HOGWARTS, HOGWARTS, I think I’m returning–.

I’ll see my friends, going to laugh ’til we weep.
take my Firebolt, gon na take to the sky.
No Chance this year anybody’s gon na die, and it’s gon na be absolutely remarkable.

I’ll cast some spells, with a flick of my wand.
beat the dark arts, yeah bring it on!
and do it all with my buddy ron, ‘cuz together we’re totally remarkable.

RON: yeah, and it’s gon na be absolutely amazing!


It’s been so long, but we’re going back.
do not choose work, do not go there for class.

As long as were together–.

— going to kick some ass.

… and its going to be totally outstanding!
This year we’ll take everyone by storm,.
remain up all night, slip from our dormitory.

but let’s not forget that we need to perform well in class.
if we wish to pass our OWLS!


I might be frumpy, but I’m super smart.
have a look at my grades, they’re “A’s” for a start.
exactly what I lack in looks well I comprise in heart,.
and well men, yeah, that’s totally remarkable.

this year I plan to study a lot …

that would be cool if you were in fact hot.

hello Ron, come on, we’re the only pals that she’s got!

and that’s cool …

… which’s absolutely remarkable.

yeah it’s so cool, and it’s completely remarkable!

we’re sick of summer season and this waiting.
it’s like we’re sitting in the lost and discovered.
do not take no sorcery.
for anybody to see how …

we got ta return to hogwarts.
we got ta get back to school.
we got ta return to hogwarts.
where everything is magic-cooooool.

back to wizards and witches, and magical monsters.
to goblins and ghosts and to magical feasts.
it’s all that I love, and it’s all that I require at.

— I believe we’re returning …


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