School of Rock The Musical on Broadway

School of Rock The Musical on Broadway

School of Rock The Musical on Broadway has officially confirmed the musical theater trend. The kind that gets you thinking that the mere presence of music in a film would give musical theater producers like Andrew Lloyd Webber an idea. Yes, ALW himself found the plot of the Hollywood film School of Rock as musical theater material. Some of you might find this amusing. About 3 decades after his monster hit, The Phantom of the Opera. Andrew Lloyd Webber is still minting money with a story about the Opera Ghost.

Then again, plots like the one presented in School of Rock attracts people like him. He may have been associated with classics like The Phantom of the Opera and Evita. But rock is still music. Children finding themselves through music. Any kind of music. As long as it is the kind where they discover their passion for playing music. Then expect aspiring musicians to relate themselves to some characters here in School of Rock The Musical on Broadway.

For musical theater fans unfamiliar with School of Rock, it’s about the story of Dewey Finn. Having failed at securing a career in the recording industry. He passed himself off as a substitute teacher in a prep school. The kind that is associated with classical music. Now rock music is more about the passion and less about the rules. Music sheets are still used. But it’s the kind that fitted the repertoire Finn is known for. It’s a gamble. But the kids found themselves enjoying it. It’s the fun element that made School of Rock The Musical on Broadway a memorable ride down memory lane. Well, not all bands mentioned are that old. So you can rest easy once you get to know which bands would be mentioned

Webber admitted in an interview posted on YouTube that he is not familiar with some of the bands mentioned in the film. Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, AC/DC and My Chemical Romance. So he hired Lawrence Connor to direct School of Rock The Musical on Broadway. (The closest thing to “recent” is My Chemical Romance. As of this writing, their lead vocalist Gerard Way has gone solo.) Connor is familiar with the bands whose music got featured on the original Hollywood version.

Also, for a film entitled “School of Rock”, Webber found the music wanting. It’s School of Rock. But it doesn’t have as much music as it should. He then found himself composing the score for School of Rock The Musical on Broadway. Some of the songs that got added into the playlist are “Teacher’s Pet” and “Stick it to the Man”. The latter song title alone can tell the kind of “re-education” the kids are getting the moment they’re deep into the course. In the middle of the song, one of the kids heard the word “shit”. He immediately asked “Can you say that?” Finn simply answered “We’re the School of Rock. We can say whatever we want.” The kid then said “Cool”. That’s when it becomes official that rock is the music of rebellion.

Most fans of the original version would still find themselves clamoring for the Jack Black edition. And whoever would take on the role of Dewey Finn would be filling in big shoes. But after previews of Alex Brightman for School of Rock The Musical on Broadway were released by TheaterMania. The feedback started getting sweeter. Of course it would involve the high-belting songs associated with the bands mentioned. The kind of singing that demanded expression. Expect performances that don’t plan on holding back even on the profanity.

School of Rock The Musical on Broadway would feature score by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Lyrics by Glenn Slater. Brightman will be performing alongside musical theater favorite, Sierra Boggess. Boggess will assume the character that Joan Cusack played in the original Hollywood version. School of Rock The Musical opens on Broadway on November 9. Full run commences on early December. Click here for tickets while supplies last.

School of Rock The Musical on Broadway

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