It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack Out

It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack Out

It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack Out. The newest musical comedy to hit Broadway has just been released in iTunes last August 21, 2015. Much of the buzz surrounding the hit Broadway musical relied on the deadpan humor infused in the song numbers. With the Broadway run now ended, fans still want more of It Shoulda Been You. The iTunes release helped in getting their last-song-syndrome fix.

What is It Shoulda Been You all about? It is about a wedding involving a couple. Much of the story comes from the soon-to-be mothers-in-law respectively. The mother of the bride is not too happy about the wedding. She thinks that her daughter should be married off to someone better. Wedding preparations are presented by highlighting the stress. Just when you thought the mothers are the only source of stress moments before the wedding. The pre-wedding arrangements go worse. With the It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack out, everyone can relive the music-laced moments where characters are on the binge of snapping.

A wedding is the last event where you want drama. That may have explained why the crew behind It Shoulda Been You chose to present this slice of life as a musical comedy. With the It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack out, one song immediately comes to mind about stress. Stress on the bride’s part is addressed in the song “Perfect”. It was a duet between the bride (played by Sierra Boggess). And her sister, the maid of honor (played by Lisa Howard). The bride is not having cold feet. Actually the mere sight of a smudge on her wedding gown gets her teary-eyed.

The bride was on a verge of a nervous breakdown. So nervous that she can’t even scream. Clutching her gown, she gets teary-eyed. Her sister assures her that everything would be fine. She then offered to cover the smudge to ease the bride’s worries. It would be concealed well enough to skip everyone’s attention away. Enough to even make their mother not notice that dirt. Both sisters knew how their mother could see downright to the smallest of details. So the bride’s panic is understandable there. Much of the song “Perfect” is sung by Lisa Howard. With the It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack out, listeners get to discover the heart-warming performance that endeared the audience to Howard.

So the maid of honor has pacified the bride. What’s next to worry about? That’s when the bride’s mother and the groom’s mother becomes a concern. Both are aware that their respective children are getting married. So the need to participate in the Tupperware party becomes a necessary evil. With the It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack out, listeners get an idea of this animosity. Via the song “Nice”. The title’s song is “Nice”. Most of the lyrics are not.

Hits like most songs found on It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack out now don’t hold back in the humor. You can see where this effort to put a front is going. The bride’s mother (played by Tyne Daly) tried to be nice to the groom’s mother (played by Harriet Harris). She tried. But when her thoughts go in between her conversation with the groom’s mother fail to remain concealed. Expect to squirm. The bride’s mother was blunt in saying she hates nice. For her, “It’s befriending a bitch you despise”.

What seems to be her problem with the groom’s mother? One, she found her superficial. Like someone that lacked a sarcasm detector. Because you can tell the moment you listen to the It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack that most of her lines in “Nice” are sarcasms. Two, she’s just plain mean. A perfectionist even to her own daughter’s eyes. Probably most of the stress that the bride is trying to cope with comes from her. You end up feeling bad for the maid of honor. It’s harrowing balancing act between her mother and her sister.

In less than 5 minutes into the song “Nice”. She realized that the gloves are off. The proverbial boxing gloves, not the gown gloves. It. Is. So. Awkward. Ultimate facepalm moments galore. She commented on the groom’s mother’s thinning hair. When the latter still passed it off lightly. The bride’s mother went comparing the thinning hairline to how facelift works.

It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack Out on iTunes. The It Shoulda Been You Broadway Soundtrack CD version will be released on October 9, 2015. To buy the complete soundtrack on your smartphone, click here.

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