Jesus Christ SuperStar.rmvb (Legendado em Português) & tweaked lyrics for Heaven on their minds

Jesus Christ SuperStar.rmvb ( Legendado em Português ) - YouTube

Jesus Christ SuperStar.rmvb ( Legendado em Português ) - YouTube

A Versão Completa do Filme de Norman Jewison de 1973-. Sub-titulada em Português

This motion picture was filmed on location in Israel. The ruins of Avdat, the biggest Nabatean city in the Negev, push a limestone hill neglecting the desert. The remains include two excellent Bysantine churches, a wine press, and lots of other interesting finds. The location is under the auspices of the Avdat National Park.

Tweaked Lyrics:


My mind is clearer now.
At last all too well
I can see where all of us soon will certainly be.
If you remove away The misconception from the man,.
You will certainly see where all of us quickly will certainly be. Jesus!
You have actually begun to believe.
The important things they state of you.
You really do believe.
This talk of God is real.
And all the excellent you’ve done.
Will certainly soon get swept away.
You’ve begun to matter more.
Than the many things you say.

Listen Jesus I don’t like exactly what I see.
All I ask is that you listen to me.
And bear in mind, I have actually been your right hand man all along.
You have actually set them all on fire.
They think they’ve found the new Messiah.
And they’ll injure you when they find they’re incorrect.

I remember when this whole thing began.
No talk of God then, we called you a man.
And think me, my admiration for you hasn’t passed away.
However every word you say today.
Gets twisted ’round some other way.
And they’ll injure you if they believe you’ve lied.
Nazareth, your popular son ought to have stayed a fantastic unknown.
Like his papa sculpting wood He ‘d have made great.
Tables, chairs, and oaken chests would have fit Jesus best.
He ‘d have triggered no one damage; no person alarm.

Listen, Jesus, do you take care of your race?
Do not you see we must keep in our location?
We are inhabited; have you forgotten how taken down we are?

I am scared by the crowd.
For we are getting much too loud.
And they’ll crush us if we go too far.
If we go.
too far … Listen, Jesus, to the caution I give.
Kindly keep in mind that I want us to live.
But it’s sad to see our possibilities damaging with every hour.
All your followers are blind.
Too much heaven on their minds.
It was stunning, now it’s sour.
Yes it’s all gone sour.

Listen, Jesus, to the caution I give.
Kindly keep in mind that I desire us to live.
C’mon, c’mon.
He won’t listen to me …
C’mon, listen, listen to me …
C’mon, listen to me …
C’mon, pay attention to me …
Listen, listen to me …
C’mon, pay attention to me …
Listen to me …
Pay attention to me …
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