How to Audition for a Musical : Audition Room Etiquette: Musical Theater Audition Tips

Find out ideas on the proper etiquette for the audition room while auditioning in this complimentary video clip.

Specialist: Paul Louis
Bio: Paul Louis is an acclaimed star, singer, songwriter, puppeteer, illustrator and filmmaker. He has been in the “imagination” biz for over 25 years.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller
Video Score: 4/ 5

Arts Camp: Musical Theatre Audition Intensive

Students in the Musical Theatre Audition Intensive Program deal with a group of knowledgeable experts and university trainers to gain experience in all locations of audition preparation for college and professional theatre training programs. Learn more about this program at

In 2014, participants worked with trainers including Rick Church, Director of Music at Elon University; Greg Hellems, Associate Teacher of Musical Theatre and Acting at Wright State University; J.W. Morisette, Chair of the Theatre Studies program at the University of Illinois; William Church, Director of the Theatre Department at Interlochen Center for the Arts; and Lynn Church, an accomplished vocal entertainer and personal voice teacher.
Video Score: 4/ 5