Jesus Christ Superstar (1970) full cd

Jesus Christ Superstar (1970) full cd

Jesus Christ Super star is a 1970 rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. The album musical is a musical dramatisation of the recently of the life of Jesus Christ, beginning with his entry into Jerusalem and ending with the Crucifixion.

Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Lyrics: Tim Rice.

“Overture”– 3:59.
“Heaven on Their Minds”– 4:23.
“Exactly what’s the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying”– 4:13.
“Everything’s Alright”– 5:15.
“This Jesus Needs to Die”– 3:36.

“Hosanna”– 2:07.
“Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem”– 4:49.
“Pilate’s Dream”– 1:28.
“The Temple”– 4:43.
“Everything’s Alright (reprise)”– 0:34.
“I Don’t Know Ways to Love Him”– 3:36.
“Damned for All Time/Blood Money”– 5:11.

“The Last Dinner”– 7:10.
“Gethsemane (I Only Wished to Say)”– 5:33.
“The Arrest”– 3:24.
“Peter’s Rejection”– 1:27.
“Pilate and Christ/Hosanna (reprise)”– 2:46.
“Herod’s Song (Try It and See)”– 3:02.

“Judas’ Death”– 4:17.
“Trial Before Pilate (Including the Thirty-Nine Lashes)”– 5:13.
“Superstar”– 4:16.
“The Crucifixion”– 4:04.
“John Nineteen: Forty-One” [6]– 2:10.

Ian Gillan – Jesus Christ.
Murray Head – Judas Iscariot.
Yvonne Elliman – Mary Magdalene.
Victor Brox – Caiaphas, High Priest.
Brian Keith – Annas.
John Gustafson – Simon Zealotes.
Barry Dennen – Pontius Pilate.
Paul Davis – Peter.
Mike d’Abo – King Herod.

Annette Brox – Housemaid by the Fire.
Paul Raven – Priest.

Neil Hubbard – electric guitar.
Henry McCulloch – electrical guitar, guitar.
Chris Mercer – tenor sax.
Peter Robinson – piano, electric piano, Organ, favorable organ.
Bruce Rowland – drums, percussion.
Allan Spenner – bass guitar.

Strings of the City of London Ensemble.
Video Score: 4/ 5

Jesus Christ Superstar (Full Album) + Lyrics

The very best version IMO. It sounds differently from the 1970 & soundtrack recordings, I have no idea which one is this, you tell me, please.
128 kbps 360p only (due to the video length & file size) – HQ rar File Download
(320Kbps Mp3, ID3 tagged, incl. cd arts).

Jesus: Ted Neeley.
Judas: Carl Anderson.
Mary Magdalene: Yvonne Elliman.
Simon Zealotes: Larry Marshall.
Pilate: Barry Dennen.
Caiaphas: Bob Bingham.
Annas: Kurt Yaghjian.
King Herod: Josh Mostel.
Peter: Paul Thomas.

music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
lyrics composed by Timothy Miles Bindon Rice.

Disc One:.
00:00 1 Overture.
05:31 2 Heaven On Their Minds.
09:53 3 What’s The Buzz.
12:29 4 Strange Thing Mystifying.
14:21 5 Then We Are Chosen.
16:55 6 Everything’s Alright.
20:30 7 This Jesus Has to Die.
24:17 8 Hosanna.
27:11 9 Simon Zealotes.
32:03 10 Poor Jerusalem.
33:41 11 Pilate’s Dream.
35:11 12 The Temple.
41:06 13 I Have no idea Ways to Love Him.
45:05 14 Damned For All Time – Blood Money.

Disc 2:.
0:49:44 15 The Last Dinner.
0:56:58 16 Gethsemane (I Only Wished to State).
1:02:40 17 The Arrest.
1:05:55 18 Peter’s Denial.
1:07:24 19 Pilate And Christ.
1:10:22 20 King Herod’s Song.
1:13:38 21 Might We Start Again, Please.
1:16:25 22 Judas’ Death.
1:21:05 23 Trial Prior to Pilate.
1:27:56 24 Superstar.
1:31:54 25 The Crucifixion.
1:34:37 26 John Nineteen – Forty-One.
Video Score: 4/ 5


  • perhaps you never realized
    inside every one of us
    resides aspects of each disciple
    represent they do
    betrayal; mistrust; denial; doubt; intellect; ego;
    so many and more

    when confronted what will you do
    where will you go with such
    guilt will take you away from yourself
    darkness blotting out the light

    but then glimmers of knowing
    shimmers of sound
    weave a path of foregiveness
    inside and out
    and you will rise again
    into the knowledge of Self

  • I’m an atheist, but I totally love this opera for the singing and music. I
    think Pilate summed it up best when he said that Jesus was misguided.

  • thank you so much for posting this. this is the first vinyl lp i bought
    when i was 13 years old and i play it once a year to preserve the integrity
    of it. best rock opera ever!

  • Grim Grinning Ghost13

    Good God, the emotions that Murray Head displays for Judas is heartbreaking
    at times, especially the suicide. I teared up at that song, because you
    just hear so much raw emotion in this three to four minute song. Murray
    Head is always going to be my number one Judas, because he hits the nail on
    the head. I do like Carl Anderson a lot though, he was amazing. We lost a
    great Judas when he died. Also, fun fact: Barry Dennen who is Pilate on
    this album, the original broadway cast recording, and film, voiced the
    Chamberlain Skeksil in Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal.

  • The first vinyl I ever bought, and still the best recording ever of the
    opera in my humble opinion. Great to hear it beautifully remastered here
    and I still remember every word, every note, every nuance. Thank you for
    sharing it!

  • Was this before or after Tommy?

  • Da se ne zaboravi …

  • 38:45 Best song

  • Yes but this is the recording that started it all it was first intended
    just to be a record with the lead singer of the band deep purple as Jesus 

  • I’ll never forget when some years ago I went to see JCSS in a theater
    nearby and by the end of the show I was like, “Wow! What a great
    production. The Jesus fellow sounded just like the guy from the movie!” And
    this couple next to me go, “Dude, that was Ted Neely from the original
    I sat in my car in the parking lot recreating everything in my mind and
    thinking, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” 

  • ManofLaMancha91

    “Tell me what you think
    About your friends at the top
    Now who d’you think besides yourself
    Was the pick of the crop?
    Buddah was he where it’s at?
    Is he where you are?
    Could Muhammad move a mountain
    Or was that just PR?”

  • prince charmless

    I saw Jesus yesterday and he said that Peter John is making it all up. He
    said God that’s God, the father has got the needle with Peter and he is
    gonna send a lightning bolt to fry him to a crisp if he don’t stop with the
    silly posts. Anyway Jesus says it was a great movie but actually he is much
    more handsome than that actor who played him. Anyone want to give a message
    to Jesus next time I see him ??

  • Удивительное фильм…всегда я люблю досмотреть этот…

  • An excellent recording but, sadly, not the LP which I bought in (I think)
    1973, and which has the following cast:
    Jesus of Nazareth – Paul Nicholas
    Judas Iscariot – Stephen Tate
    Mary Magdalene – Dana Gillespie
    Pontius Pilate – John Parker
    King Herod – Paul Jabara
    Caiaphas – George Harris
    Annas – Jimmy Cassidy
    Simon Zealotes – Derek James
    Peter – Richard Barnes

    According to Wikipedia, “Superstar opened at the Palace Theatre in London
    in 1972, starring Paul Nicholas as Jesus, Stephen Tate as Judas and Dana
    Gillespie as Mary. It was directed by Australian Jim Sharman. This
    production was much more successful, running for eight years and becoming
    the United Kingdom’s longest-running musical at the time (it was later
    surpassed by other works but remains the seventeenth longest-running).
    During its 20th anniversary, the production featured Paul Nicholas from the
    original cast as Jesus.”(

    I have made an mp3 copy of the record which I am playing on iTunes now, but
    it is not the best quality; I intend to work on cleaning it up. It would
    be nice if this version could be re-released some time. It seems the
    recording was also released on CD (MCA) in 1972, but I cannot locate it.

  • Leonidium Prokopenko

    Давно не слухав.
    Якісного музла на!

  • počela sezona slušanja…

  • sorry folks but Carl Anderson rocked it the best !!!!! so so much better
    with feeling!!!

  • Geen Nog minder

    To sing in this musical was a dream for me, but yeah i got stage fright. So
    no way,. I’ll sing it under the shower. lol. Wonderful musical.

  • Someone of no Importance

    I really love how they wrote Judas.Not as a sinner who betrayed god and his
    friend, but as someone who loved Jesus but felt Jesus was losing sight.
    Losing what he originally stood for. That was one of my favourite thing
    about this musical when I was a kid. That and he had a brilliant voice. :33

  • No other version compares to this one. Musically, it is my favorite. All
    you have to do is read who the artists are. Rock’ who’s who of the day.
    Thanks for uploading!

  • María Elena Vidal Arangua

    Podría repetirla hasta el mas allá

  • Rudolph Furtado

    I saw the Indian version of the play “Jesus Christ Superstar” directed by
    Mr Alyque .Padamsee yesterday(Saturday 6-12-23014) in Mumbai and was
    thrilled by this rock opera extravaganza.Classic and ageless songs .

  • All right, here goes:

    00:00 ”Overture”
    03:58 “Heaven on Their Minds”
    08:19 “What’s the Buzz/Strange Thing Mystifying”
    12:34 “Everything’s Alright”
    17:48 “This Jesus Must Die”

    21:25 “Hosanna”
    23:33 “Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem”
    28:22 “Pilate’s Dream”
    29:50 “The Temple”
    34:33 “Everything’s Alright (reprise)”
    35:04 “I Don’t Know How to Love Him”

    (It seems that “Damned for All Time/Blood Money” is missing?!)

    38:44 “The Last Supper”
    45:28 “Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)”
    51:25 “The Arrest”
    54:46 “Peter’s Denial”
    56:15 “Pilate and Christ/Hosanna (reprise)”
    58:59 “Herod’s Song (Try It and See)”

    1:02:01 “Judas’ Death”
    1:06:17 “Trial Before Pilate (Including the Thirty-Nine Lashes)”
    1:11:30 “Superstar”
    1:15:43 “The Crucifixion”
    1:19:50 “John Nineteen: Forty-One”

    Thanks for the upload :)

  • melvin becknell

    I have been listening to this off and on for the last thirty five or more
    years it moves me to tears everytime it brings and confirms my faith it is
    not only a musical masterpiece it sends a very strong message deep down to
    my soul and lifts my spirit the music the message its all there praise the

  • Kevincharles McMahon

    Micah Brew et al did not read the Bible, therefore misguided.

  • Nico Spadaccini

    Io c’ ero…
    con la voglia di vivere
    con la vita davanti…
    inconsapevole, ma c’ ero

  • Well the original album is still the best in my views.

    Gillan did his singing in 4 hours and he got the OK to improvise. At that
    time neither Lloyd Webber or Tim Rice had seen Gillan live, but they had
    hears a recording from BBC from 1969 when Deep Purple played Child In Time.
    So Ted Neely is agreat singer but he sings what Gillan improvised during
    that day.

  • anyone know what year this song was popular on the radio?

  • Is there an English language site where I can download this version?

  • J. Angelo Alconaba

    i was still a very young kid this came – i think i was 3 or 4 -… i saw
    the movie during the late 90s…this is a musical classic…i love yvonne
    elliman’s. such a soothing voice – “everything’s alright” and “could we try
    again” – …ted neeley and carl anderson (+) also also my favourites.

  • where are the second part of the lyrics, from Getsemanhe to the end?

  • this is the best version of the movie, I bought the cd`s but I was
    disappointed that it had different singers than in the movie, thanks for
    posting the soundtrack :)

  • Pablo Torres Mundaca

    Este soundtrack lo tengo en vinilo doble prensado en Chile editado en 1975
    bajo sello MCA RECORDS

  • Leonardo Milani

    I may be conservative, but there’s a lot of charm in tje first double
    álbum, nota to mention Ian Gillan in great shape!

  • I always saw angels, I had to look intensly to see dragons 😉 wonderful job
    for that musical it’s amazing

  • The soundtrack to the movie is definitely the best of the recordings. Carl
    Anderson, Ted Neely & Yvonne Elliman could really belt the songs out…

  • Willahelm Powers

    I remember seeing the film, probably rebroadcasted in the late 70’s.
    Then listening to and loving the soundtrack, many times over the years.
    I never knew there were so many productions & slightly differing

  • This is a great movie and the sound track is good 

  • Jennifer Parham

    thank you for sharing! all copies of this, be they eight track (!), record
    albums, cassettes, vsh, or DVD… mine have all disintegratedo due to
    BTW… I DID see angels!

  • Listening to the jcs soundtrack while writing my history essays :3333 ))

  • R.I.P., Carl Anderson.

  • Lloyd Skywalker

    One of my first musicals, after this I made more for a wider public, you
    know them 😉

    My logo looks like a two connected dragons, but if you take a closer look,
    you’ll see angels… Even a producers of booklets asks me for change,
    because they saw a dragons. Movie was made and in my opinion is a lot
    better then a first double album… And yes, no playback in the movie ;-)

  • jesus

  • Cynthia S Gerhard

    Jesus Christ Superstar (Full Album) + Lyrics:

  • Jesus Christ Superstar (Full Album) + Lyrics:

  • thank you been looking for this version with carl Anderson and ted neeley
    my favorite cast members